R&D Petroleum Conference and Exhibition


RDPETRO and its PARTNERS requires your agreement to the above terms. If the above terms are not accepted (box checked) this proposal will not be consider valid and it will not be evaluated or utilized by RDPETRO and its PARTNERS.
For any additional information, please e-mail

1. General Considerations and Guidelines for RDPETRO Proposals submission, which are described above in this document are mandatory and must be followed by any person who intend to submit a R&D Project or Innovative Idea Proposal to RDPETRO.

2. RDPETRO Proposal should be submitted only by authors who are certain of their capabilities and capacity to commit to a R&D Project and also of their availability to attend required meetings as well as to provide technical project related clarifications as requested.

3. Registration is mandatory to attend to RDPETRO 2018 Exhibition and Conference.

4. RDPETRO will implement a No-Show policy (described below in this document). Any person who intend to submit a Proposal to RDPETRO will be subject to No-Show Policy if could not be present to the RDPETRO event.

5. This proposal will be treated as confidential where any potential intellectual property will be protected. The proposal will not be shared with any other parties except the potential RDPETRO sponsors’ Technical Committee (ADNOC PARTNERS). No rights over the submitted RDPETRO Proposal will be taken by RDPETRO. All RDPETRO Technical Committees are subject to a non-disclosure agreement ensuring confidentiality of received RDPETRO Proposals.

6. This proposal will be subject to RDPETRO PARTNERS’ technical evaluation to be awarded with financial funds. RDPETRO and its Partners reserve the right not to award this or any other submitted proposal. RDPETRO organization is not accountable or responsible for any commitments between a RDPETRO PARTNER and the Project Principal Investigator which will be a result of the proposal awarding.


The Call for R&D Proposals (including innovative ideas) is open for submissions from 1 December 2017 and it will close on the 14 February 2018. Applicants will be open by filling out the form, attach the required file and submit your R&D Project or Innovative Idea Proposal for review. There is a 12 MB file size limit per uploaded R&D Project Proposal (only PDF). R&D Project Proposal submissions must be complete before 11:59 p.m. GMT +4 (Abu Dhabi Time) on 14 February 2018

RDPETRO seeks submissions of R&D Proposals aiming to solve specific technical challenges under Category 1contribute to relevant topics as described in Category 2 or identify innovative ideas as described in Category 3.


  • R&D PROJECT PROPOSAL intends to be a comprehensive project ready to be evaluated and awarded to be initiated and developed with the sponsor company.
  • INNOVATIVE IDEA PROPOSAL is a way to RDPETRO and its Partners to reach the most creative and innovative ideas from researchers all over the world even if this proposal is not mature enough to become a R&D Project Proposal but it could lead to it. A simple description of the idea is required.

All official notification communications related to R&D Project Proposals will be sent only via e-mail to the Principal Project Investigator (PPI). Please add to your address book to ensure your email is received. For any support on related inquires you can use the same email.


All submissions must be online using RDPETRO submission page/form

All R&D Project Proposal submissions will be subject to a Technical and Business evaluation before its awarding. RDPETRO and its partners does not guaranty the awarding of a RDPETRO R&D Project Proposal.

RDPETRO and its Partners reserve the right to request for a pre-event meeting for further clarifications.


If no relevant person to the project show availability to attend to required meetings and to present a short-listed R&D Project Proposal, the R&D Project Principal Investigator will be placed on a No-Show List shared amongst the RDPETRO Partners unless excused by the RDPETRO R&D Projects Technical Program Chair. R&D Project Proposals submitted to a subsequent annual convention in which the Principal Project Investigator is on the No-Show List will be automatically rejected. For the first offense, the Principal Project Investigator will be placed on the No-Show List for two years. For each successive no-show, the length of time an individual can be placed on the list will double. Secondary authors (co-Investigators) will be put on a Non-Compliant List for one year and so notified. After three years on the Non-Compliant List, the author moves to the No-Show List. Presenting authors who withdraw their R&D Project Proposal before shortlisted will be granted an automatic excuse and their names will not be placed on the No-Show List. Principal Project Investigator who withdraw or does not show-up after being selected to present during RDPETRO will be placed on the No-Show List.


a) RDPETRO2018 Call for Proposal will open and close as per the official announced time-frame. R&D Project Proposals before or after the official dates published online WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

b) All submissions must be online using RDPETRO submission page/form at and select “Submit R&D PROJECT PROPOSAL”. Any other type of submission (e-mail or any other channel than through official RDPETRO website) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

c) The only file type accepted by RDPETRO is PDF (.pdf). Any other file type WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

d) All submissions MUST address a R&D Program as well as a specific challenge as per Category 1, topic from Category 2 or as an innovative idea from Category 3. Proposals not addressing challenges WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

e) Proposals submitted not properly following the specifications of the Official R&D Project Proposal Template WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

f) Confirmation email will be generated by the RDPETRO 2018 when a proposal is successfully submitted through the predefined email

g) All official communications related to RDPETRO R&D Project Proposals must be from/to No other email is considered official or responsibility of the RDPETRO organization.

h) RDPETRO will communicate directly with the applicant if additional information is required through the specific redefined email

i) All submissions will be subject to evaluation by RDPETRO Technical Committee.
1. Short-listed applicants will be notified and invited to explanation meetings and contractual discussions;
2. Selected applicants will be invited to a final presentation during RDPETRO. Meetings will be conducted privately between the Principal Investigator and the funding partners.

j) RDPETRO Technical Committees’ decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

k) All R&D Project Proposals must be complete and contain full references.

l) The Technical Program Committee will be responsible for selecting and organizing the R&D Project Proposals into cohesive private sessions that fit within the Technical Program Schedule.

m) No rights over the submit R&D Project Proposal will be taken by RDPETRO. All RDPETRO Technical Committees are subject to a non-disclosure agreement ensuring confidentiality of received RDPETRO 2018 R&D Project Proposals.

n) All submissions provided to RDPETRO will be kept confidential. RDPETRO will not disclose any personal information to a third party, published or make it public without prior consent, unless it is required or authorized to do so by law or other regulation.